How do I use the FileZilla FTP client?

FileZilla is a popular open source FTP client that I personally use.  An FTP client allows you to connect to your FTP server to upload/download files.

Downloading and Installing

To get started using FileZilla you'll have to first download it and install it if you haven't already done so.  Visit and select the correct client to download for your system.  Next install the program by opening the file you just downloaded.  Follow the install wizard and complete all the steps.

Getting FileZilla Setup with Your Account


Open FileZilla and look at the top of the program.  There you will see Host, Username, Password, and Port.  You can fill-in your info into these fields for a quick connection, but I'm going to show you how to set it up to remember your connection.

Click the site manager icon in which I've highlighted **Note Don't click the drop-down arrow.  You will use this later to select your site.


Now you can click the "New Site" button and add in your info that you received for your account. (If you need your password or username, please contact customer support)




  • For Host enter your domain name with ftp. infront of it (example- )
  • For port, leave it blank because the program defaults to the standard FTP port of 21.  If the server was setup on a no-standard port, you would be entered it here.
  • For Encryption use either "Use Plain FTP" or "Require explicit over FTP over TLS"  I suggest "Require explicit over FTP over TLS" for increased security.
  • For Login Type select "Normal"
  • For the Username and Password enter your info
  • Now click OK


Your site should now be saved with all it's info for an easy one click login !!!

Log In and Start Working

To connect to your site, click the pull-down arrow on the site manager button.  You can select your site(s) from the list.

The window on your left shows your local files (Files on your computer) while the window on your right shows the files on the server (where your website is or will be)


You can drag files from one side or another to upload or download.  You can also drag straight to or from the Desktop or anyother folder.

Your publicly viewable files are located in the folder "public_html"  If you upload a file to this directory it will be accessable to the internet (this isn't the complete truth but reqires a much longer and complex explanation)

For example, if you drag a file named stuff.html to the public_html folder, then it can be accessed by pointing your browser to

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